The Family Story

Don Heraclio Farias

Inventor and Founder

The Farias family was established in 1871 in Jalisco, Mexico through the marriage of Don Heraclio Farias Vargas y Machuca to Doña Teresa Alvarez del Castillo.

The Family

Farias Cigars in Spain

Don Heraclio Farias, an inventor generously blessed with a creative spirit, designed and produced the first industrial machine in the world which processes and manufactures cigars, the precursor to today’s mechanized tobacco industry. He was the pride of México, winning a prize for his invention at the World’s Fair in Paris in 1889, alongside other great inventors, Thomas Edison and Alexandre Gustave Eiffel.

The Heirs of the Brand

They have inherited a legacy of tradition, work, and great renown. Today, 100 years later, their pay tribute to their distinguished origins. They founded the Tequila Farias Brand.

Don Ricardo Farias Sr.

Ricardo Farias Jr.

Danay Farias

An Inventor’s Family Legacy

Heraclio Farias, our great grandfather, devoted his life to inventions and manufacturing. He revolutionized how cigars and cigarillos are produced, by inventing highly specialized machinery to roll, cut, and finish fine cigars. For his invention, showcased at the Exposition Universelle of 1889 in Paris, France, Heraclio Farias was awarded the universal prize. Luminaries Gustave Eiffel built the Eiffel Tower for the Exposition, and Thomas Edison presented his latest invention in science and technology.

Since 1889, Spain has used our great-grandfather’s invention and adopted his last name as the brand for its cigars: FARIAS cigars.

Some 130 years later, his great-grandson, Ricardo Farias Nicolopulos, has reclaimed the rights to Heraclio Farias’s legacy, and registered the brand name FARIAS for other products. In keeping with the creative spirit of their forefather, the new generation has created FARIAS Tequila and, more recently, FARIAS coffee – for your enjoyment.


Los Farias

We are Family

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