Protected Geographical
Indication Central Greece

In the heart of Nemea, where the Agiorgitiko grape reigns supreme, our Agiorgitiko Red is a symphony of passion and strength. Imagine ancient vineyards, their roots intertwined with the myths of Greek gods. This wine is the › embodiment of Nemea’s heartbeat, pulsating with flavors of dark fruit, a hint of spice, and the robust character of the Peloponnesian soil. It is for those who desire a wine that echoes the beating heart of Greece’s winemaking legacy.


Varietal Wine

Savatiano, the grape that weaves through the historic vineyards of Attica, embodies the timeless traditions of Greek winemaking. In the heart of Greece’s wine culture, this white wine dances with citrusy notes, creating a symphony that echoes through ancient vineyards. It’s not just a wine; it’s a journey through the
pages of history, for those who appreciate the mastery of tradition in every glass.


Varietal Wine

Our Syrah Rosé is a hidden gem from the Macedonian vineyards, a secret whispered among the vines. Imagine a leisurely stroll through sunlit vineyards, picking ripe Syrah grapes that blush with warmth. This rosé is a celebration of that moment, a vibrant pink elixir that captures the essence of Macedonian sunshine, forthose who seek the joyous energy of summer in a glass.
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